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Announcing ServerGrove Europe

You have asked for it and it finally happened! Since we are present in Europe at Symfony Live and deSymfony we are announcing that servergrove.eu has launched and we are now offering services with servers in Europe. After scouring Europe for the right home for us we have decided to put them in the impressive Telecity […]

June 07 / 2012
Author Kim
Category PHP
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MongoDB Hosting Beta Service Update

There was no rest after the initial launch of new beta for our MongoDB hosting service. Jon Wage has been busy adding functionality to what we feel will be an incredible MongoDB GUI and late last night we launched a bunch of new features to make sure this is the best service in the market. […]

May 23 / 2012
Author Pablo
Category MongoDB
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Ciao Italia!

Later this week the 2012 edition of the phpDay conference will take place in Verona, Italy. We have been supporting this conference since the first one (we think), and thanks to this we have made a lot of friends from this part of the world. We are extremely excited about this year and we are […]

May 14 / 2012

Control Panel V2 launched with MongoHosting and lots more

We just launched a major upgrade to the control panel with a ton of new features. In many ways we feel our control panel grew up. Here are some of the new features you can expect to use: 0) Lets start with the elephant in the room. MongoHosting Beta has launched! For now it’s available […]

May 14 / 2012

Presenting the new Symfony2 Livechat open source app

About a year ago, at the Symfony Live 2010 conference, we announced we were going to open source our livechat application that we use in our website to provide customer technical and sales support to website visitors. The application also allows us to view real-time traffic on our website. We received a lot of interest […]

March 04 / 2011
Author Pablo
Category MongoDB, PHP, Symfony
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