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Symfony OmniGraffle Stencil reaches 100 downloads in 3 days

OK, we know that 100 downloads in 3 days is not earth shattering, and there is still a long way to to reach Firefox download levels, but at least we did not bring down Graffletopia’s webserver and they thank us for that (I think). We are glad to know it helped some people out there. […]

July 20 / 2009
Author Kim
Category Design, ServerGrove
Comments 8 Comments

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Symfony OnmiGraffle Stencil

So I’ve reached a point that every app I am wireframing these days is based on symfony. While the front end on our symfony apps usually has a custom design, the backend is pretty standard. I decided to design a stencil for wireframing the symfony admin to save  time and to be able to accurately […]

July 16 / 2009
Author Kim
Category Design, Symfony
Comments 4 Comments

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