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Zend Server 6.3 with PHP 5.5 available at ServerGrove

Zend released the new version of Zend Server, which includes a lot of great features, the most important one in our opinion is the support for PHP 5.5. Additionally, they announced their official Long-Term Support (LTS) policy for PHP, enabling users to confidently continue using a given major version of PHP. We have integrated Zend […]

February 11 / 2014
Author Alex
Category PHP, VPS
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New features of PHP 5.5

PHP 5.5 was released on June, 20th and soon after we made it available on ServerGrove VPS images. Since then, many users have upgraded their virtual servers to PHP 5.5 taking advantage of its performance improvements, bug fixes, and several of its new features. Here are some of the new features that stand out: Generators […]

August 26 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
Category PHP
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PHP 5.3.21 and 5.4.11 released and available on ServerGrove + PHP 5.5.0alpha4!

Last week the PHP development team released new versions of PHP 5.3.21 and 5.4.11. These releases fix over 10 bugs. We have updated our OS packages with these new versions. Here are instructions on how to use (or upgrade) our Ubuntu/Debian or CentOS PHP packages. PHP 5.5.0alpha5 For those that like to live in the leading edge, or like to play […]

January 25 / 2013
Author Pablo
Category PHP
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