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2014 PHP conferences

Just a quick note to let you know of a few awesome PHP conferences coming up early 2014. Conferences are a great place to update your skills, stay current with what’s happening in the community and just have fun. In addition, these first quarter conferences allow you to have some awesome mixins like php+beach or […]

November 04 / 2013
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MidwestPHP, a warm conference!

Last weekend, Pablo Godel and I flew to the beautiful -and not as cold as I expected- state of Minnesota to attend the first edition of the MidwestPHP Conference. Once again, ServerGrove was highly involved in the PHP community, being one of the sponsors and sending two talks: “Symfony2 and MongoDB” and “Symfony2 Internals”. We […]

March 07 / 2013

Upcoming PHP Conferences for 2nd half of 2012

ServerGrove’s CTO Pablo Godel will speak at the PFCongres conference on September 15th, being held in Utrecht, NL. The year 2012 has been an incredible year for PHP conferences, but it is not over yet, and we still have a few more coming up before the year is over. Some great conferences are around the […]

August 23 / 2012
Author Kim
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2012 PHP Conferences Round up

The 2012 PHP conference calendar has already started with 3 good conferences, to kick-off 2012 we had PHPBenelux in January which we assisted and were blown away by the amazing work of the whole organizing crew. They even produced a very nice video to top it off. In February we had PHPUK London and, earlier this month […]

March 29 / 2012

October PHP Conferences

October is a pretty big month for PHP conferences, here is a list of upcoming events that are worthy of your attention: PHPNW11 – October 8 & 9 – Manchester, UK http://conference.phpnw.org.uk/phpnw11/ This is the fourth edition of this conference and if you are in the UK, it is a must go. It includes talks […]

September 29 / 2011