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Symfony2 components overview: Process

This post covers the Symfony2 process component and is the 11th post from our series on Symfony2 components. The Symfony2 Process component, allows us to execute commands in sub-processes. Installation The recommended way of installing the component is through Composer: If you have never used Composer before check out our Composer 101 post. The component […]

April 16 / 2014

deSymfony 2013 wrap-up, the biggest Symfony conference so far this year

Last week we participated in deSymfony, the Spanish Symfony conference. It was really amazing to see how in a few years this conference has grown to become the largest Symfony conference of the year with over 400 attendees. There were twenty three excellent talks, a workshop, and an unconference. Pablo Godel and Raul Fraile in deSymfony A […]

June 27 / 2013
Author Raul Fraile
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PHP 5.3.21 and 5.4.11 released and available on ServerGrove + PHP 5.5.0alpha4!

Last week the PHP development team released new versions of PHP 5.3.21 and 5.4.11. These releases fix over 10 bugs. We have updated our OS packages with these new versions. Here are instructions on how to use (or upgrade) our Ubuntu/Debian or CentOS PHP packages. PHP 5.5.0alpha5 For those that like to live in the leading edge, or like to play […]

January 25 / 2013
Author Pablo
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Creating development environments with Vagrant and Puppet

Vagrant is a powerful tool that simplifies the setup of a development environment by creating a virtual machine on your local machine that can be configured to look exactly like ServerGrove’s production server. With this post you will learn how to configure Vagrant using the same specifications of your ServerGrove VPS. It’s been a few […]

January 11 / 2013
Author Kim
Category PHP, Tutorials, VPS
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How to install Zend Guard Loader for PHP on a VPS

In order to install Zend Guard Loader, we need to download the extension from the Zend Downloads Page. It will download a tarball file, that we will have to uncompress. $ tar -xzf ZendGuardLoader-php-5.3-linux-glibc23-x86_64.tar.gz Once we have uncompressed the file, we will proceed with the installation. The extension is already compiled, so we just need to […]

January 09 / 2013
Author Kim
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