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Everybody gets a free upgrade!

Christmas came to ServerGrove early this year. In order to stay competitive and to promote our new Control Panel we have adjusted resources on all our plans. All existing customers will automatically get a bump to their resource levels: more disk space, more bandwidth, same great support. Over the next few days we will adjust the resources for all the existing […]

November 19 / 2010

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Deploying symfony projects to ServerGrove shared hosting accounts

Deployment is one of those topics that everybody has a different approach to and whatever works for you is fine. Before going into details, we would suggest that you read the Deploying Applications in the symfony documentation. The approach described in this post is based on this section. 1) Login to the Control Panel and […]

September 27 / 2010

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Installing WordPress on your ServerGrove shared hosting account

I have to admit, WordPress blogs run really well on our servers. For one, because each shared hosting account has it’s own apache user, we never run into those permissions issues that sometimes occur when installing WordPress on other hosting platforms. Most of the time, if you follow these instructions, you will be able to […]

September 23 / 2010

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Mini Hosting Special

We are making the Mini available for $20 a year (regular price is $35) for the first 50 clients who sign up for the Mini using the coupon code “minifor20” For $20 a year you get: 200mb disk space 1 hosted website 3GB bandwidth 1 MySQL database 10 email accounts Maestro Use the COUPON CODE: […]

February 08 / 2010
Author Kim
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PHP 5.2.11 on all shared hosting servers

Today we finalized the upgrade of PHP to 5.2.11 across our shared hosting servers. Customers should not see any changes or issues with their sites, but if you notice anything let us know. Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.2.11: * Fixed certificate validation inside php_openssl_apply_verification_policy. * Fixed sanity check for the color index in […]

September 30 / 2009
Author Pablo
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