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SSH strange error: Host key verification failed

Today we came across a quite uncommon error with SSH. The error actually happened when trying to clone a github repository. When trying to connect to the remote server, we were getting “Host key verification failed.”. The SSH keys were there, but the connection was dying. The problem was solved when adding the remote server’s […]

August 02 / 2010
Author Pablo
Category Shared Hosting
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Setting up sftp in Dreamweaver using a specific sftp port

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol and it uses the SSH protocol to reliably and securely transfer files. While using sftp on Dreamweaver is not too complicated, setting it up to use a specific port is not well documented. SFTP uses the same port as SSH, the default port is 22 but it is […]

November 29 / 2009
Author Kim
Category Tutorials, Wordpress
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