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Symfony2 components overview: Process

This post covers the Symfony2 process component and is the 11th post from our series on Symfony2 components. The Symfony2 Process component, allows us to execute commands in sub-processes. Installation The recommended way of installing the component is through Composer: If you have never used Composer before check out our Composer 101 post. The component […]

April 16 / 2014

Job Opening: Software developer (PHP/Symfony)

We are looking for a talented PHP developer to help us take ServerGrove’s platform to the next level. The ideal candidate likes to work independently, enjoys developing back-end as well as front-end, had boxes of Legos as a kid, and has a sincere desire to improve the deployment workflow for all PHP developers. We’re a […]

July 01 / 2013
Author Kim
Category PHP
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symfony 1.3.10 and 1.4.10 released and available at ServerGrove

New versions of symfony framework have been released today. The 1.3.10 and 1.4.10 versions have been released due to a security issue in Doctrine. Check out the blog post announcing the release for more details. We ask all our customers (and non-customers as well) to update their projects with the latest releases. Our shared hosting […]

March 21 / 2011
Author Pablo
Category PHP, Symfony
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PHP Conferences news roundup

At ServerGrove we like conferences. We think they are very valuable for developers and we try to assist as many as we can as it allows us to get in touch with the community and shapers of Open Source. Every a few months we publish a post regarding news about PHP conferences. In the last […]

January 11 / 2011

ServerGrove sponsoring Symfony Live 2011 / SF & Paris

Symfony Live is a great event and we are happy to sponsor it the third time around. Since it started in 2009 it seems to be more of an annual gathering of who is who in the symfony world rather than your run-of-the-mill conference. Don’t get me wrong, one glace at the schedule and speaker […]

December 17 / 2010
Author Kim
Category Conferences, PHP, Symfony
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