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Dealing with “Too many open files” when running tests with PHPUnit

If you are performing unit tests on large PHP applications with PHPUnit, you may encounter the error “Too many open files”. It happens, don’t take it personally. This error occurs because the OS sets a maximum number of files (also known as file descriptors) allowed to be opened by a process, and inevitably this will […]

August 17 / 2012
Author Kim
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Changing the world one unit test at a time with Travis

A couple of weeks ago we found out about Travis CI, a project to create a distributed build system for the open source community. The goal is to provide open source projects and developers with a pre-installed server where the developer only has to create a simple configuration file in their project in order run […]

December 01 / 2011
Author Pablo
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Interesting symfony plugins: sfBehatPlugin

Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most difficult things to implement around software development. Most of time it is left for the final phase of development and very often overlooked entirely. As many experienced web development teams already know, QA needs to be part of the development process from the get-go. Fortunately in the […]

September 20 / 2010
Author Pablo
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